Successful relocation of our biobank!

BioKryo is proud to announce that the relocation of about half a million cryopreserved samples, securely and strictly maintaining the cold chain, was exceptionally successful. Now our new GMP compliant Biobank is fully operational.
Special thanks for support from our Air Liquide colleagues, Neumaier logistics and great effort of the entire BioKryo team for this outstanding work!
Thank you Fraunhofer-IBMT for the great 11 years we could stay at your facility.


Successful AABB-reaccreditation of BioKryo GmbH

AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) reaccredits BioKryo GmbH

It is a pleasure to announce the accreditation of BioKryo GmbH by AABB. The quality and operational systems have been assessed and determined to meet or exceed the rigorous requirements set by the association. The accreditation is extended to BioKryo for the performance of the following activities as assessed under the 9th edition of the Standards for Cellular Therapy Services.

We are specifically proud of this achievement in these special times of the Corona pandemic, with the need of split-up the team to maintain business continuity and 50 % home office for nearly one year now.

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BioKryo Biobanking Network supports clinical trials

In 2019, Air Liquide created a unique Biobanking Network with Biobanks in Italy, France and Germany under the umbrella of BioKryo to support sample management of clinical trials. The GMP compliant Biobanks store the biological material e.g. in the vapor phase of Liquid Nitrogen or at -80 °C in Freezer. We can store samples up to BSL II, which even include e.g. diagnostic samples from Covid-19 patients in separated storage compartments.

This Service includes all kind of logistic support as well as provision of dry ice, packing or dry shippers.


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Business Continuity Plan due to COVID-19 activated

The Corona virus outbreak is moving quickly and has started having a growing impact in the global economy.

BioKryo is monitoring the evolving situation and is taking every precaution to protect our employees, customers and logistics partners. Our team with our Air Liquide partner Biobanks in France & Milano are totally committed to support our customers with mitigation plans across our offices to ensure the best solutions in the regions affected by COVID-19.

For any specific information please contact your local office.


Successful AABB-reaccreditation of BioKryo GmbH

AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) reaccredits BioKryo GmbH

BioKryo GmbH as a service provider for the storage of cryopreserved samples for subsequent therapeutic and diagnostic applications is proud to announce the recertification of their storing service for stem cells according to AABB standard.

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25th ESGCT Anniversary Congress Berlin

At “The European Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (ESGCT)” this year's 25th Anniversary Congress in Berlin BioKryo GmbH presents their service to a professional audience.

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