European Biostorage and Biorepository Alliance (EBBA) is a strategic Allianceto provide biospecimen, transport, logistics & biostorage solutions to the Life Science industry world-wide.

Labor der Zukunft e. V.

The association “Labor Der Zukunft e. V.” serves to promote interdisciplinary Research & Development in the field of laboratory technology with the aim of establishing new technologies and standardization. It has emerged from the project "Labor der Zukunft" which since 2009 has been a Technology Initiative under the leadership of the Fraunhofer IBMT Saarland for innovative technologies for biological, medical and analytical, chemical and physical laboratories.

Aliance of German Cryobanks e. V.

BioKryo is a member of the Aliance of German Cryobanks e. V. (GDK), an association of scientific and commercial cryobanks in Germany. Within that network, BioKryo is intensely involved in sharing experiences on current topics of cryo-technology research and cryogenic safety standards.

BioDeutschland e. V.

BioDeutschland, the industry association of the German biotechnology industry, has set itself the goal to support and promote the development of an innovative economic sector based in modern life sciences.

ESBB (European, Middle Eastern & African Society for Biopreservation & Biobanking)

The ESBB (European, Middle Eastern & African Society for Biopreservation & Biobanking) deals with the collection and storage of biological materials of all types. The association is active in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The ESBB is a charter of ISBER (International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories).